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Sex Down South Conference 2023

This is one of the premiere BIPOC erotic events in the nation and it's held right here in Atlanta, Ga!

Offering sex and sexuality workshops and presentations, erotic themed parties, adult-toy vendors, and more, I've been dying to get to this conference, as an attendee, for years. I did have the opportunity to co-present on a panel discussion back in 2019, but this year I attended as a presenter AND as a guest. That means I got to experience it ALL; big bangs, little bangs, dungeon play parties, conference presentations, and the healing space for a little downtime all at the wonderful Courtland Grand Hotel (formally Sheraton Atlanta) in downtown Atlanta. The conference presentations ran a full three days (Thursday - Saturday), but there were events and happenings for an entire week from Sept 5 - 10.

Okay, I'll admit, I may not have gotten a chance to experience it ALL. But that wasn't for lack of trying. There is just soooooo much to do. Welp, then, you know what that means? I'll see you next year at the con.


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