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Boutique Hotels | The Ellis

This month, I got the opportunity to visit a boutique hotel in my city to shoot a boudoir photo session. After a little research, I found the Ellis hotel was built in 1913, so in this case the adjectives are synonymous. I also found out about its torrid history but I'll let you research that on your own.

I must admit, the tight hallways and corridors did lead to something that seemed a bit haunting about the hotel but this was outweighed by my love for the sophistication of the decor. This definitely added to the ambiance of my shoot.

The Ellis is in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, so the hotel doesn't have parking available at the hotel. My suggestion is to go carless, if you can help it. Being in the heart of the city had its advantages. Even with the high Summer temps, I was able to walk to lunch at the Hard Rock just a few blocks away so that was a plus. If you do decide to drive, your options for parking are a nearby lot or the hotel's valet. Because I would be unloading my mobile photo studio, I was a little nervous about the drop off but to my surprise this was virtually effortless. There is a shoulder lane right by the door and luggage carts were available at the front.

The sleek style of the hotel starts in the lobby but this is just what you might expect from a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels usually boast taking little nuances of the city and adding this to the decor. The Ellis didn't disappoint in this area... my favorite part??... The grid map mural located in the vestibule of the hotel.

I didn't stay the night this particular time but I do plan to make that a reality in the very near future.


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