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Understanding ETHICAL Erotic Tourism

As an erotic tourism travel planner, I want to make you aware of this form of niche travel planning and help you to understand the steps I take to ensure all activities are ethically planned to include prioritizing the well-being and safety of the individuals involved, as well as the local communities my clients plan to visit.


Erotic tourism refers to the practice of traveling to other countries to engage in sexual activities: including participating in consensual sex in exchange for money, staying at adult-only erotic-themed resorts, or attending an erotically-themed show while traveling.

As an ethical erotic tourism travel planner, I take great care to ensure that my clients engage in consensual activities with adults who are not being coerced or exploited. I do this by building a network with trusted individuals and reputable organizations that advocate for the rights of sex workers and consensual sexual activities. I work to educate my clients on the cultural norms and laws of the destination they are visiting to prevent any misunderstandings or unintentional harm. I also encourage my clients to patronize businesses that are ethical and responsible in their treatment of employees and the environment.


I understand the complex dynamics at play in the erotic tourism industry and, for the sake of my reputation and the safety and welfare of all individuals involved, I strive to make plans that navigate client activities in a way that minimizes harm and maximizes positive impact.


To help ensure that erotic tourism is conducted in a way that is respectful, responsible, and mutually beneficial for all parties involved I approach this niche industry with sensitivity, compassion, and a commitment to ethical principles. I hope this provides you with more insight and understanding of ETHICAL erotic tourism.

Feel free to leave a message on my voicemail line (678-994-1701), so that I can get back to you about your specific needs and curate a travel plan especially for you. Let me plan your next adventure.

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