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I'm a GRITS!

🎵"Below the mason-dixon line down there where the girls are fine"🎶 Southern Girl (Maze featuring Frankie Beverly)

I'm a Girl Raised In The South and I LOVE it here. Let me show you around and explain why you should love it too.

Follow me on my travels and adventures.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a wordy or flowery journalist... I am a photojournalist (lol). I want my pictures to speak a least a thousand words. Allow my guides to inform and inspire you and I promise you won't be disappointed!! I will also reasons for "WHY" I'm featuring the specific activities and I will try my best to make the reason really, really good, lol. I want to encourage you to leave your "WHYs" or "WHY NOTs" in the comments section below.

Oh, BTW - My posts may also include a 🎵🎶 song lyric or two 😉.

Me in front of the Atlanta Skyline view from Jackson Street Bridge.



and that's my .02


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