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Sex Sells

If there is one thing you know about me {Jamila Aisha AKA Mi}, you know SEX IS THE THEME!

This subject is considered taboo, particularly in the USA, but I want to make it my mission to open the door to this topic to normalize how we move in the space of sex, sensuality, and vice.


  • Going to strip clubs AND paying the workers

  • Shopping at sex stores

  • Showcasing inclusive bodies

  • Embracing body love and nudity

  • Visiting sex education/pleasure conventions, museums and classes

  • Erotic travel and events

  • Hiring escorts/companions FOR SEX

Follow me as I journey to find America's {and perhaps the world's} most erotic, taboo, and vice driven events and destinations. I'm soliciting you to help me add to my adventures. Leave your comments below and tell me where I should visit next.

Don't forget to make your own memories!! Create your own Havens Haven {vice-driven} Adventure by letting me book*, plan*, or inspire your next trip/experience. Complete the form located at the bottom of my website to receive a free travel quote for your next trip and follow me on my socials to get inspired.

*book = You're in control. Let me know where you want to go and I'll book your travel.

*plan = Hands-off approach. You give me the basics and I'll plan your entire itinerary.


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