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The Biggest Misconception About Travel Agents

🎵 🎶 Don't worry about a thing...

'Cause every little thing gonna be all right. 🎶🎵

(Bob Marley - Three Little Birds Lyrics)

Allow me to clear up the biggest misconception about using a travel agent. The service provided ISN'T about saving you money... not necessarily.

The savings can, and probably do come with perks and discounts but, primarily travel agents provide the service of planning your EXPERIENCE.

Presumably, you are traveling to a location you are unfamiliar with and the fact is, you are probably going to get referred to or sold on'' some kind of experience. Whether it's by someone you know, the hotel concierge/experience department, or from some other source. Once, while visiting San Diego, my sisters and I were encouraged by our taxi driver, to try a winery experience instead of the usual popular spots in San Diego -- the beach, the zoo, and Balboa Park. While we did experience those popular attractions, the suggestion to visit the winery ended up becoming one of the best experiences I'd ever had. I was so grateful for that suggestion from the taxi driver. So much so that I make that suggestion to others I know who will be visiting the city.

It's up to you, but why not get your experience itinerary taken care of by an expert who knows the location before you arrive at your destination? Travel agents and agencies specialize in a range of experiences and utilizing the service makes things a WHOLE lot easier for you to kick back and enjoy your travels.

and that's my .02


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