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Speak with Ease

🎵"Hey, hey be easy, before you have problems just breathe"🎶 (TI, Trap Muzik)

My now obsession...

've narrowed down the reasons why I think Speakeasies are such alluring establishments to three key elements.

1 – Speakeasies were born out of prohibition which is practically the teenage years for the diesel era and anyone who knows me knows, I’m obsessed with the diesel era.

2 – The TABOO OF IT ALL --- secret passwords, secret locations, secret handshakes. Mystery clouds, secrets, and taboos loom over these bars and, I love, LOVE, LOVE a good taboo vice, chile.

3 – Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol… did you know if you say it three times a bartender appears to offer you a shot of your favorite white or brown? And, the double meaning of alcohol being synonymous with diesel (my favorite punk) is something I doubly love. So, from rum to whiskey, gin to moonshine… let's just say it's five o'clock somewhere. Bottoms up.

I’m so glad these establishments have seen a somewhat resurgence in this millinihip age!

and that's my .02


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